Farm Animals

The practice has a long association with farm work and farmers within the surrounding area. We continue to provide an excellent on-farm and practice based service.

Our team of vets offer experience in all aspects of farm animal medicine and surgery. We pride ourselves in a reliable service and quick response time for emergencies.


On call vets are available 9 - 5 for routine work and at all other times for emergencies.

Drugs are available at competitive prices (including wormers and vaccines) for animals under our care.

Farm health plan advice including disease control and prevention.

At present we are assisting many of our farm clients to work towards BVD accreditation or to maintain their present accreditation status. This yields benefits in bovine health, fertility and "sellability".

Clients are also working towards Johnes accreditation with some having already achieved "Level 1" status.

Other Sevices

c2We routinely carry out caesarian sections in both sheep and cattle where lambings or calvings are not likely to lead to a successful outcome.

We also would routinely carry out rumenotomies, repair of displaced abomasums and other on-farm or in practice surgical procedures.

Part of our service would, of course, include dehorning and castrations (Burdizzo or surgical).

On farm emergency slaughter for human consumption is also offered with experience of slaughterhouse veterinary requirements and implications.

Export Certification

This requires meticulous attention to detail to avoid possible rejection during export or on arrival. Again, by experience, we achieve this whilst minimising stress and anxiety to the client! - we also recognise that there is often a degree of urgency to complete necessary blood tests or certification