Taking your pet on holiday with you may seem like a great idea, after all they are part of the family. However, it is really important to consider carefully the health and welfare implications for them when travelling abroad, and to make preparations well in advance.

Easter can be bad for pets!

Eastertime can pose dangers for our pets that we may not be immediately aware of - so many goodies lying around:  Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns, cake, chocolates. The smell is enticing - maybe worth the risk of jumping up to the table or rummaging in someone's bag?

Vet Essentials – Laminitis and colic are two diseases every horse owner should know about. A new dedicated documentary series will take an in-depth look at each of these conditions. Don't miss it.

Keep your pet safe and happy this winter

Luckily for us when the temperature starts to fall, we can wrap up and keep warm but our pets don’t find it so easy.

What is Diabetes?

Glucose (blood sugar) provides the cells in the body with the energy they need to live and function. Cells can only absorb glucose from the blood in the presence of insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced in an organ called the pancreas. Sometimes the pancreas becomes unable to produce enough insulin, or the cells in the body fail to respond to insulin properly, meaning that :

Many pets become anxious and frightened when fireworks are going off. Some become extremely distressed. Unlike humans, they do not understand why there are loud bangs and flashes outside.

Cat bites and deep scratches are potentially very dangerous.  We suggest that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

We all love the summer - warm lazy days and longer evenings, but it's worth sparing a thought for our pets.  Here are a few tips to keep your pets cool this summer.

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