Some like it hot!

We all love the summer - warm lazy days and longer evenings, but it's worth sparing a thought for our pets.  Here are a few tips to keep your pets cool this summer.

Heat can be a real killer for many pets.  Make sure fresh clean water is always available and avoid exercising pets in the heat of the day, particularly with old, overweight dogs with heart problems - stick to early morning and evening walks.  Also ensure that rabbits, guinea pigs and hens have adequate shade and water.

Never leaver your dog alone in a hot car.  It can get unbearably hot in a car on a sunny day, even when it's not that warm.  Dogs die in hot cars!  Even leaving a window open or putting a sunshield on your windscreen won't keep your car cool enough.

Sunburn is another hazard.  Cats are natural sun bathers, but cats with white noses and ear tips are particularly vulnerable to sun burn and subsequent skin cancer.  This risk can be reduced by keeping them out of the sun, or by applying sun block to those areas during the summer months.

Grass seeds of the meadow grasses are easily trapped in the coats of pets, especially dogs.  They often migrate and become lodged in a variety of places including the ears and between toes.  Regular grooming, especially after walks, is helpful in preventing problems associated with both grass seeds and ticks.

Flies are a huge problem for rabbits in the summer months.  Flies are very attracted to rabbits if they have soiled bottoms - here they lay their eggs, which rapidly hatch out into flesh eating maggots.  It is important to check bunnies' bottoms on a daily basis and call us if your are worried 01888 563217.