Weight clinics

 Experts agree that pets who stay at their ideal weight are more likely to live longer, happier lives.

An overweight animal will become old before their time. They have less energy, tire more easily when exercising and are sometimes depressed and grumpy. Weight problems also lead to other health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, hearty disease, skin diseases, etc. Operations are more risky if your animal is overweight.

At Deveron Vets our vets and nurses are committed to keeping your pet healthy. They are experienced in managing weight loss, so it is best to talk to them if you suspect your pet is overweight.

Although we have an ideal weight chart up in our surgeries, we suggest that you should also check your pet’s shape.

Look at your pet from the side and above

    • Can you see a waist?
    • Run your hands over their sides. The skin should move freely over the ribs.
    • Stand over the animal and feel its ribs. They should be easy to feel.
    • You should be able to feel the spine and hip bones quite easily under the skin.
    • Can you feel a build up of fat over the base of the tail?
    • Feel under your pet’s tummy. It should go in, not bulge out.


Our qualified Veterinary Nurses run weight clinics to help our pet lose weight slowly. They will give you advice on diet and exercise. The one thing that you will need is time! Depending on how much weight your pet need to lose, it could take from 8 weeks to 8 months to reach their ideal weight. Be patient as they will feel so much better for it!


Telephone for a free weight consultation with a nurse!